In MYBOS V4, we've introduced enhancements to the Community module, particularly focusing on the registration and resident portals. These updates are designed to further safeguard your data while enhancing resident engagement and convenience.

Registration Portal

The registration portal enables residents to register their contact information, facilitating communication and access to building updates.


  • The registration portal now solely collects contact information. Residents can no longer report maintenance issues, book amenities or access library documents through this portal.
  • To access the MYBOS V4 Resident App and Web Portal, you must invite the residents through the Community Settings > Manage User Accounts which generates a unique user account.
  • Building managers can control the approval of contact information and generate logins for the Resident Portal.


  • A QR code for registration can be downloaded from Community Settings under the Registration Portal > Lift Notice. Please ensure you have setup a Username and Password through the Login Details, and update this on the Lift Notice.
  • Building managers can set up a generic username and password for residents to register their contact information via the web.

Resident Portal

The Resident Portal offers residents a unique login to access additional features and community resources.

Key Features:

  1. Urgent Announcements: Post urgent announcements visible on the resident web portal and app as pop-up notifications.
  2. Community Board: Share notices and allow residents to submit posts, subject to building manager approval.
  3. Amenity Bookings: Book amenities like tennis courts, meeting rooms, etc., if available.
  4. Business Directory: Recommend local businesses and provide contact information and links for residents.
  5. Library: Upload documents like by-laws, welcome guides, etc., for resident access.
  6. Maintenance Requests: Residents can submit maintenance requests, which can be approved or rejected by the building manager.
  7. Inhouse Services: Offer services or products like cleaning, dog walking, keys/fobs, etc.
  8. Marketplace: Residents can post items for sale.
  9. Messages: Direct messaging feature with the building manager.
  10. Visitor Parking: Configure and book visitor parking spaces.

These enhancements aim to streamline communication, enhance community engagement, and provide residents with a comprehensive platform for accessing building resources and services.

If you want to launch the resident portal please refer to our KB Article Launching the Resident Portal.