By-Laws now interreact with the Breaches functionality. In order to utilise this please ensure all By-Laws are added under Building > By-Laws

To create new By-Laws, please click on New.

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A pop-up refer below will appear where you can enter in the By-Laws Title and the Description of the By-Law and then click on Save

This step can be repeated to add in all the By-Laws. 

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There are additional options within By-Laws: 

Image PlaceholderThis will expand all By-Laws to see the descriptions. 
Image PlaceholderThis will minimise all By-Laws to hide the descriptions. 
Image PlaceholderThis will expand the selected By-Law to see the description. 
 Image PlaceholderThis will minimise the selected By-Law to hide the description. 
  Image Placeholder This will all you to edit the selected By-Law or delete. 

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