1.1.1       Introduction – When should I use the time machine?

The time machine is a very useful utility if you want to scan the history of work related to an apartment, any particular asset, non-asset or any contractor. For each item, the time machine enables you to view all work that has been done on or done by that entity at your site. Essentially, it provides you a list of all cases or maintenance events attached to the item you are looking for.

1.1.2       How to view the history of an asset, non-asset, apartment or contractor?

1.       Click on the Building menu on the left and then click on the Time Machine tile.
2.       Select Type of the item you are searching for. Depending on your choice, the system provides you the appropriate options:

a.       If you have selected Asset type, then choose the particular asset in the drop down list below. You can narrow down the assets list by filtering through asset categories.
b.       If you have selected Apartment type, then pick the apartment from the list.
c.       If you have selected Contractor type, then pick the contractor from the list.
d.       If you have selected Non-Asset, go to step 4.

3.       If you want to include both cases and preventative maintenance in the history, select Yes. To exclude preventative maintenance, select No.
4.       Press the Go button.
5.       Depending upon your choice in step 3, the list of cases (and maintenance events) will appear below. Cases are identifiable by case numbers on the left of each row whereas maintenance items are identifiable by the keyword ‘Schedule’.
6.       Click on any item (case or maintenance item) to view details.
7.       You can also export this summarised list to an Excel file by clicking the green X button on the right just above the list of history items. On clicking this button, the spreadsheet will download into your devices default download location.