Date of release: 08 July 2021
Platform: MYBOS Web App - Building Manager
Module: Residents

Users can now include residents into custom groups for broadcast via the Residents module.

Having this new field ensures a building manager that when a resident's details need to be changed or new tenants have just been added into the system, their broadcast information can also be updated conveniently within the same page.

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You can add an individual resident into multiple custom groups, picking more than once in the dropdown:

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The creation of Custom Groups will still be done in the Broadcast tab per usual:

  • Click the Broadcast icon (green icon across the top of the screen)
  • Click (+) beside the Custom Group header
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  • Input your desired Group Name
  • You may or may not add residents at this point, before clicking on Save. You may then continue to add to your group on the fly while accessing their record in the Residents tab.