Date of release: 22 October 2021
Platform: MYBOS Web App - Building Manager
Module: Residents

Users now have the ability to upload a supporting document to a Breach record for a particular resident.

In Residents > click on a specific resident record > go to the Breaches section:

Image Placeholder

The icons to the right signify the following:

  • blue image icon - a photo of the breach is attached into the record, clicking this icon should open the photo in a new tab.
  • paperclip icon - a document is attached with the breach record. Similarly, clicking this icon will open the attachment in a new tab.

When adding a new breach record, you can drag and drop or select a file from your local PC to attach into this item:

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Supported formats are Word documents, PDF, or image files. Uploading an invalid file will show a warning message to the user, prompting them to re-upload it into one of the supported formats:

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