In the new version of MYBOS, we have changed the Community Portal with the generic login to a Registration Portal only.  We understand that your residents may be used to reporting maintenance and booking amenities through this generic login. However, this will no longer be possible in the latest version of MYBOS.   We have made this change for the following reasons:

Improved onboarding
Onboarding residents through the QR code has been streamlined, and the process will be more straightforward to complete on a mobile device.

Data security
Generic logins can be easily shared and pose a risk of misrepresenting people or allowing private information to be accessed by the wrong party.

Privacy and accountability
As a building manager, you will have better visibility over who has access to the platform and the actions they are taking on it.

New community features
We are working to expand the features and services that you can offer residents of the buildings you manage.  To personalise these features, residents will require their own logins to access them.

Managing Agents
You may have been using the community portal for managing agents to report maintenance on behalf of residents.  They will now need a login as well.  We recommend setting up a new tenant type of "Managing agent" and adding them to the relevant apartments as tenants so they can receive a login and continue to access the system on the tenant's behalf.

Internal Staff
You may have been using the Community Portal to allow internet staff to report issues with the maintenance request process.  You can continue this by setting up an internal staff apartment and creating a login that they can use with the MYBOS resident app or web portal.  Add additional information to the maintenance request categories to ensure staff are reporting issues with the right amount of detail, such as the room or apartment number.