1.1.1       Introduction – When you should use invoice approvals?

The invoice approvals module is useful if the site manager receives invoices at site, approves them and forwards them to the relevant office for further processing and payment. This module allows you to mark invoices as approved or otherwise and lets you forward the approved invoices to the payment authority/office. If you are not receiving and approving invoices at site, you can safely ignore this module.

1.1.2       How to approve invoices?

Invoices are attached to individual jobs in the cases module. See How to attach or remove a case attachment for details. Make sure that a case status is set to Completed before trying to process an invoice. Invoices attached to incomplete/current cases do not appear for approval. To approve the attached invoice(s) for completed cases, undertake the following steps:

1.       Click Building menu item on the left and then click on the Invoice Approval tile.
2.       The list of current (pending approval) invoices will open.
3.       Tick the leftmost checkbox in the row corresponding to the invoice you want to approve. The Approve button will appear at the top left, next to the filter button.
4.       The invoice will be marked as approved but it would disappear from your view.
5.       Use the filter selector at the top left to switch to Approved Invoices view. The most recently approved invoice(s) will sit at the top of the left.
6.       Select the invoice(s) to be forwarded to the processing office / authority and press the export (X) button at the top.
7.       An Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded in the default folder of your device containing detail of each invoice in a separate row. Attachments are hyperlinked in this file.
8.       Forward this Excel file to the processing office for further action. ;