To Access the Company Portal 

Your user must be setup as an Admin user, an Admin user must be nominated by the Primary Contact/Billing Contact we have in the system. Please contact to nominate one. 

Then to access the Company Portal, please select the 3 dots on the top RHS next to your name and a drop down will appear and Select Switch to Company Portal. 

Creating a New User

Watch the video here or see below to learn how to add users to your company.

  • To create a New User, click on the button on the top right corner below

  • Complete the required details and select the type of role.
  • Admin - this will allow the user to switch and view the company portal.
  • Standard - this will limit the user to view the building managers portal only.

  • Next, you can assign which buildings will be added to this user's access below:
  • Click on the tick boxes to include the building into the user's access.

  • You can set the Permission levels in the section shown below.
  • You have the options to limit the user for READ, EDIT and DELETE access level.

  • To modify the settings of existing users, you can access their individual profiles and make adjustments using the Edit button. When you open a specific user's profile, locate the Edit button and click on it. This will allow you to update and customize the user's settings according to your requirements.