Release date in the App and Google Play Store: 10 June 2021

MYBOS BM App Version
iOS: 2.8.8(193)
Android: 2.0.1(118)

MYBOS Resident App Version
iOS: 2.2.1(121)
Android: 84 (1.8.5)

The BM and Resident app are now enabled to receive MYBOS messages via push notifications.

Nothing will change in terms of how users will be receiving push notifications, but rather they will be able to see the contents of system messages to be able to view feedback surveys or changes to app functionalities in future releases.

Sample notification in iOS:

Image Placeholder

Sample notification in Android:
Image Placeholder

Either can be accessed from the app's home screen > click on the bell button on the top right corner of the screen: Image Placeholder

Image Placeholder

And then tap on the item further to view the message's contents:

Image Placeholder

Any outgoing links should be accessible from this same message.