2.8.1 Introduction - What is the use of community portal tab in the community dashboard?

The community portal tab is used for managing high-level settings of your community portal. Using this section, you can Activate/Deactivate your community portal. You can also create community user accounts all at once. Alternatively, you can choose a shared login for use by all community members. The section also provides link to the community screen.

2.8.2 What is community login? How is it different from Resident login?

The community login is shared among all community members. This is useful in case you want your community to access the resident portal but you don’t have all residents’ details in your database. Using this option, you can create one login to be shared among all community members. However, users would have to enter their personal details with every request (as the account is not user specific). A better option is to create user-specific accounts (see How to create community user accounts in one go?) which doesn’t require them to enter their details with every request.

2.8.3 How to create Resident user accounts in one go?

1. Click the (red and round) community button at the top menu bar. The community dashboard will open. Now click the ‘Community Portal’ tab to view portal settings.
2. Click the ‘Create User Accounts’ button.
3. An excel file will be downloaded in your default download directory.
4. Open the file to see residents’ accounts information. There is one account for every apartment.
5. It is important to note that this option creates password only once. Therefore, it is important to save the file somewhere secure in case you need it in future. If you would try to generate user accounts a second time, all previously generated passwords will show up as ‘Encrypted’.

2.8.4 What is the community display screen?

The community display screen is a non-interactive display for your residents. It displays current notices and announcements as well as parcel notifications. You can use any commercial grade smart display connected to the internet in your building’s common areas such as lobbies, lifts or foyers to display essential information for your residents/occupants. MYBOS provides a custom link for your site which you can configure on the display.