1.       You can send work orders in three different ways, all taking you to Email Case screen:
a.       When you add a new case with the default options and press Save, the system takes you to the Email Case screen. See How to create a case for more details.
b.       When you edit and save an existing case, the system takes you to the Email Case screen. See How to search and edit a case for more details.
c.       When you view a case, pressing the email case button (green button with a letter icon) would take you to Email Case screen. See How to search and edit a case for guidelines on viewing an existing case.

2.       The Email Cases screen provides you a number of options before mailing it out.
a.       Enter due date for the job completion.
b.       Select Work Order in the type of email.
c.       Select whether you want to add case description to the work order or otherwise.
d.       You can also select contractors in addition to the ones already added to the case. Use the search box or scroll down the list to find the relevant contractors. Tick each and press Add button.
e.       On the right half of the screen, you will find email boxes for each contractor selected in the last step.
f.        Click ‘Add CC’ to copy case email to yourself or any other concerned entity. You can type in any number of email addresses but make sure they are separated by a carriage return (Press Enter key after each email address).
g.       Below the CC email addresses, the case subject line is already included but you can edit it to create a more personalised message.
h.       Use the next textbox for adding job description and instructions.
i.         Repeat the above 3 steps for all email boxes. Then press Send button to send out the work order emails.
j.         The outgoing work order is saved by the system in the Work Orders Sent section. Please note that this section contains a log of all work orders sent and is not editable for ensuring transparency.  In short, work orders sent cannot be removed from the system. Before mailing out work orders, please ensure that you have entered all details correctly.