1.       Click on the cases section in the left menu bar to view the cases table.

2.       By default, the screen shows current (not completed) cases.

3.       For viewing completed, deleted or overdue cases, you can switch between these views using by clicking the ‘Current cases’ button on the top left and choosing your desired category.

4.       You can scroll down through the list of cases or you can simply search by case number or subject by typing in the search box at the top right side, next to the ‘New’ button.

5.       Click on the relevant case row to view case information screen.

6.       To edit the case, click the ‘Pencil’ icon on the top right of case information screen. This opens the case in edit mode. You can edit any information in the case, except for the Logs at the bottom, which provide a history of case edits with date and time.  Press Save to confirm your edits.