1.       Open the cases section by clicking on Cases in the left menu bar.

2.       Click on settings (gear) icon on the top left of the Cases header in blue color to view settings options.

3.       Select ‘Add or Edit Case Type’

4.       To add a new case type:
a.       Type the new case type name in the ‘New Name’ text box and press the ‘Add’ button below it.
b.       The case type will be added and shown at the bottom of the list box in the Change Position Order or Delete section.
c.       To move any type up or down the list, select the type by clicking on the radio button next to it. Use the up or down arrow buttons to move the selected type one place at a time.
d.       Press Save button to implement your changes.

5.       To edit an existing case type:
a.       Select the existing type in the list box.
b.       Click on the edit icon (with a small pencil on it).
c.       A dialog will appear showing the existing type name in a text box.
d.       Change the type name and press Save.

6.       To delete an existing case type:
a.       Make sure that the type to be removed doesn’t apply to any cases in the database. To remove a type, no case can have the type attached to it.
b.       Select the existing type in the list box.
c.       Click on the delete icon (with the bin icon on it).
d.       A dialog will appear to confirm deletion.
e.       Press OK to remove the type.