1.2.1 Introduction – Why should you use the calendar?

The calendar is your one stop shop for many routine operations. It tracks your daily tasks such as preventative/programmed maintenance, amenity bookings and your reminders. You can move item dates by simple drag and drop operations. You can create a new item, view or edit any existing item directly in the calendar without going into their respective sections. Items in the calendar are color coded for easy understanding and better readability.
By default, the calendar show the current month. You can move across months by using the arrow heads at the top.

1.2.2 What do the colored items in the calendar represent?

There is a Legend at the base of the calendar which explains the colors:
1. Completed maintenance items are shown in green.
2. Incomplete/unattended maintenance items are shown in blue.
3. Failed maintenance items are shown in red.
4. Pending amenity booking requests are shown in orange.
5. Approved amenity booking requests are shown in green. 
6. Rejected amenity booking requests are shown in red.

1.2.3 How to add a new item in the calendar?

1. In the left menu bar, click on Calendar.
2. Click on the + sign at the top left and choose the menu item you want to add.
a. For details on adding new maintenance, see How to create a new maintenance event. After you add a maintenance event, all instances are displayed on the projected dates in the calendar.
b. For details on adding new amenity booking, see How to add a new booking. After you save an amenity booking, it is immediately displayed in the calendar.
c. For adding a reminder, click the Reminder menu item. A dialog will appear in which you can add reminder event title, date, time and comment/detail.
d. Press Save to add the reminder to your calendar on the set date. A reminder event always appears in grey color.
3. Saving an item immediately displays the item details in panel on the right hand side.

1.2.4 How to view or edit a maintenance item in the calendar?

1. After opening the calendar, click on a maintenance item to display its details on the right hand side panel. Notice that this information is displayed in tabs. You can switch between the tabs.
2. The top most tab shows the event summary details. You can update event status using the combo box at the bottom as either completed or failed.
3. You can also move the item to another day by entering or picking a new date.
4. You have the option of converting the item to a case by pressing the Convert button. When you press the button, the system takes you to a New Case screen in which event details are already populated. From there onwards, you can treat it as any other case. See How to create a case for more details.
5. The second tab shows documents for the maintenance item. Click + button to open file upload widget. Use it to add or remove attachments.
6. The third tab contains invoices. Click + button to open the invoice upload widget. Invoice name, value and relevant budget code can be added with each invoice.
7. The fourth tab contains comments which you can use to keep notes on the job.
8. Please note that the second, third and fourth tabs are only applicable to the individual maintenance item.

1.2.5 How to approve or reject an amenity booking request in the calendar?

1. Pending amenity booking requests are shown in orange color. Click on the pending item to view its details on the right hand side panel.
2. At the bottom of this panel in the Response section, select either Approve or Reject. You can also add additional comments e.g. explaining the reason of your response. Press Save.
3. An approved request turns green, whereas a rejected request turns red.

1.2.6 How to move an item to another date in the calendar? 

There are two ways to change an item’s date:
1. For moving the item to another date in the same month, use simple drag and drop.
2. For moving the item to another month, click on the item and then select another date in right hand side panel.

1.2.7 Why can’t I find my item in the calendar on a given day?

1. The calendar can handle any number of items per day but sometimes they can be a touch difficult to find when you have some very busy days. The reason is limited space on your screen.
2. Due to space limitations, a box can display only four items in the default view. If you have more than four items in a day, a list box icon appears in the top right corner of that day. Click this icon to zoom into the day.
3. The calendar day view is divided into separate columns for each category of items and shows up to 12 items per category.
4. Scroll between the days using the left and right arrow icons in the dark blue band at the top.
5. Move back to the month view by clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner, just above the right arrow icon.