New Updates and bug fixes are in!

With more to come.

With the recent release of the MYBOS BM App and MYBOS Resident App on IOS devices, and the Android version underway, our programmers are now taking on all the Feature Requests that have been sent through.

Here are a couple we used as warm up before we really get the ball rolling:

- Fixed a bug that would display the incorrect number of Apartments on the Dashboard. 

- Added edit button for Broadcast custom group. 

- Fixed a bug that was causing Vacant/Empty apartments to not appear in the Resident list. 

- Added BCC to outgoing Case email - #166 Changed terminology from "Executive Committee" to "Strata Committee" 

- Changed the table design in Keys history. 

- Added sorting by Status and Priority column's for the Cases list. 

- In the view case page, the Email sent icon is now clickable to view the work order PDF. 

- Added delete button in Wiki. 

- Enabled sorting to all columns in Invoice Approval. 

- Added Year to Calendar. 

- Removed mandatory requirement for the Comment field in BM Community > Amenity Bookings > New 

- Added Emergency Contact info in the Resident export Spreadsheet. 

- Fixed a bug that would prevent Notes from loading on the Dashboard. 

- Updated the Email that is sent out to the Building Manager upon a Resident amenity Booking.

- Merged Maintenance Items into one column and added Apartment Number in the Booking items for Calendar day View. 

- When adding a new Contractor from the new/edit Case page, changed the mandatory fields to only require: 

1. Company Name
2. Main Contact
3. Email Address
4. Industry/Category 

- The Archive list now shows the date of when the Resident was archived.

We look forward to bringing more features to MYBOS.